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Eddie Izzard in Oakland in Jan

I wanna goooo! $50 – $75 on sale 9/20. It looks like there is a presale today (might be because I am on a mailing list). The link should take you to the presale stuff too.

While I liked the idea that he had the tv gig, I didn’t care for the show. I kept waiting for the funny bits and there weren’t any of his humor. Now he is a big name and his shows are in much larger venues (and I thought opera glasses were necessary at his other show) and cost much more. Whaaaaaa.

Any body want to take me?

Hopefully by the time this rolls around I will be able to afford to go. I think Cirque is coming this year as well and that will be a Dec show. I am going to have the same problem with them. Can’t afford the tickets when they go on sale, will hopefully be able to afford them closer to the show.


I know I have an addiction to television. I don’t know if I am ready to call it a problem yet or not.

I found a listing for the Fall shows. I used to like shows that were on cable but I am finding I am hooked on broadcast networks more and more. I am pleased I cut my cable back to just basic. One day syfy showed up so all I am missing is USA. I would say BBC America too but I have never had that. I did a final count of all the shows I am interested in watching and those that I will watch (because a lot of shows are on at the same time so someone wins out).

I have 28 hours of tv a week that I am interested in with CBS(8 shows) and ABC(9 shows) leading the pack. My choices for shows that win my viewing pleasure in their time slots is 16 hours and again CBS(5) and ABC(6) are the for runners. CW gets 1, syfy gets 1 and Fox gets 3. USA didn’t make the final cut. But they have me for 3 shows that have just ended. Same goes for TNT, my shows there have just ended.

And this is per WEEK. It is a part time job all on its own. Hopefully as I get more of a life, the desire to see these will dwindle. But I am so caught up in so many. *whaaaaa*

I do notice that Joss and alums from Joss shows are three of will watch even if I have a lift list. Dollhouse, Castle, and Bones. The others are Lie to Me and Brothers & Sisters. The ones that on the edge of Will Make Time for are NCIS, CSI, Sanctuary. I think I need to find a way to include Supernatural and Medium online because while they are on my prime shows list they conflict with shows that are even more important to me. Stupid network scheduling. Sat is pretty open and clear and Wed is low volume. Friday is rediculous in the number of shows I want to see all at the same time. What is it about Friday being a dead spot and nobody watches tv on Friday? That is where my crowd hangs out.

I like Demo!

In a discussion about meaningful joy (it has to be easy, effortless, and energizing) it dawned on me that I really enjoy demolition. I like taking things apart with wild abandon. I don’t seem to get tired doing it and I get even more reved up.

I enjoy taking apart the Art Show pipe and boards at Loscon. In high school, I was so enthusiastic about taking apart a set piece for a play that the girl at the other end of an 8′ 2×4 was hit in the jaw. I then moved to stipping out the nails from the pile of wood and made sure nobody was near me.

I am not sure what it is about this that feeds me but something does.

I like to poke at processes and make them more efficient. Like updates to pages at work. I will take on the update job, work at it to see what all the pieces are and then find a quick and efficient way to get through the job. Or a way to do it so it takes little to no thinking at all. You push and it basically updates itself.

This one feeds my head but can get wearing.

I like to solve computer problems. I poke at it and take it apart until it makes sense. This is only good as long at there is movement or the hope for movement. If I stall out and it doesn’t look like there is anything else to try, I give up and it is no longer fun.

This is something I do automatically. I can’t not do it. There must be some feeding in this process.

I like to untangle things, like a pile of necklaces, string, Xmas lights, whatever. I just pull it apart until it comes loose. I follow lines to see where they cross and uncross them.

This is similar to demo and process.

I love line control. This can wear me out but not as much as it energizes me. And it isn’t about forcing people to go where I want them. It is about connecting with people that need to be in a line and keeping them happy/content/informated and working with them to make the line work (i.e. leave a clear hallway, not move for however long).

I think this is where community meets process. I can’t figure out any tie to demo.

These are the places I need to look to find what gives me meaningful joy.

I like to take things apart (demo).
I like to untangle things (pull them apart and understand they structure to untangle them).
I like to understand tasks and maximize the outcome and minimize the effort put into them.

Demo – I create chaos
Untangle – I increase chaos to improve order
Process – I simplify order
Line – I connect and work with others to improve order

I don’t know where this might lead. It was trying to escape my head so I wanted to write it out.

At one time I really wanted to be a roadie, traveling and loading in and loading out. I love doing that sort of work. Don’t know why. By the time I finished with college, I couldn’t handle the work nor the hours. Now I really can’t handle it.

How old am I?

Today, I was mistaken for an older teen or young adult. At 30 I got guesses of 18 and 19. After 37, the guesses of much younger than reality stopped so I assumed I started to look my age.

The down side to this looking younger thing is the gentleman (older gent around 70s maybe) mistook me for a growing boy.

So I can look younger if I am willing to switch genders. I thought I was too old for even the gender switch to work anymore. Ha!