Monthly Archives: January 2009

Serenity is Mine!!

The last payment to the bank has been taken out of my account.
I have set up automatic payments to replace that monthly drain to go to a very full credit card.
My yearly taxes have been paid and I already have my Feb tags.
The Pink Slip arrived in the mail today.

SERNTY9 is all mine, mine, mine, mine.

And she is as dear to me now as she has ever been. I love my car. I got her Jan 30th, 2004. In a few days, she will be 5 years old.
A couple of weeks ago, she got all new tires for the first time. Original tires for 5 years. She has under 40,000 miles on her.


No doing LJ so much

Just an update, LJ seems to have dropped off my daily activity list. If there is information you want me to have, I should have, or you think I won’t be able to resist giving advice/feedback and you want my input, please send it to me or send me the link. Responding here will give me an email alert and in theory, my email address is visible to my FL on my profile page.

I still like LJ but I seem to have kicked the habit for now. I have many LJ posts written in my head and maybe some will make it to the computer. I might catch some reading of LJ or not.

I figured it was a good idea to let people know my eyeballs aren’t going over things anymore.