Monthly Archives: December 2002

too much time on my hands…

It is slow at work during this season which is one of the reasons I don’t take time off the week between Xmas and New Years.
I have been spending the time tightening up my site.

I have added a What’s up When list to my homepage. It is a list of the things I am planning on doing this year (2003). I got the idea from Mine isn’t as spiffy, but I an not a computer god like Fox. I also like the graphic I added.

I straightened up the pictures K is hosting on his site. There aren’t many new ones but they are now on the proper pages and have some sense of order at the file level. It will make adding new ones easier as well as fitting better on my homepage.

Check it out if you want.


I got it! I got it!

IT arrived today. The Excelsis Box set. 3 CDs of darkwave Christmas music. I love it. I just listened to The Cruxshadows – Happy Christmas and Unto Ashes – Lord of the Dance and they are great. Weird but great. It is weird to listen to basically happy music with a darkwave sound.

Death Guild last monday and heard a really cool version of carol of the bells. Now, Death Guild usually posts their play list but so far still hasn’t posted it for Dec 16th, Argg. The next day, which I had off work, I spent some time (about 2 hours) hunting for what it could have been. I think it is This Ascension’s Carol of the Bells. (Yahoo: carol of the bells Goth). claims it is on an album called Excelsis – A dark noel and only on this album. Because I wanted the song NOW, I then headed to Telegraph to go get it. Tower didn’t have it but would order it. Rasputin never heard of it and suggested I go look in used, Amoeba knew what I was talking about right away, said they remembered it, didn’t have it new or used and haven’t had it for three years. I really like them but I am also glad I hit them last or I would have given up completely. So I head back home for more research on the net. says they have it and also a box set but they have no info on the box set. Back to Yahoo (BTW I love Yahoo, it works wonderfully for me) for more info. This leads me to that is a darkwave/ethereal/gothic/darkambient record label and put the Excelsis CD together. Not only do they have all the info on the box set, they have released it for the 2002 holiday season and if you order from them they include a sampler CD of their other artist. They also have three downloadable mp3s on their site and links to much of the music on so you can here it over streaming audio. So I placed my order. I couldn’t have it right away but after Amoeba, I was grateful to be able to get it. Since I have only a dial-up connection at home, this last bit was another two hours. So I spend 6 hours of my day off hunting this one song down. It isn’t that amazing until you add the fact that I don’t normally buy music unless I know I like everything on the CD and I have never bought an album for just one song. It was an obsession. It added up to a very good experience and I highly recommend Projekt if you like this sort of music.

Here is where you can listen to the song
that drove me to this. Select Carol of the Bells.

I already have them ripped into my Mac at work.