Monthly Archives: June 2003

Return to normalicy

We now return you to your normally scheduled Gina. Any abnormalities are part of the regular package.

After a day or two of normal temperatures, I have return to my normal state of being. Not that that isn’t plagued with problems and issues but there is much more balance between good and bad and I have the ability to tell the difference again.

Death Test

Bwaahaaahaaaa, I beat you all! I get off first!

Mark your calendar or Palm V. You can expect to die on:
November 29, 2036
at the age of 71 years old.

On that date you will most likely die from:
Cancer (23%)
Electrolysis (10%)
Suicide (9%)
Alien Abduction (9%)
Horrible Accident (6%)
Homicide (6%)
Third Degree Burns (5%)
Overdose (5%)

Still too frikking old but youse takes what youse can get. At least it isn’t my grandparents 92 years old (three of them).

It seems like most of my friends are all going in two groupings, 2042-48 and 2053-55 (thats what I get for hanging out with youngsters ) :)
with one odd ball in 2080.

Since I’m going to be first, I will have to be sure to have a fab funeral so everyone can party.

Dork Bell

The Dork Bell has tolled for me.

The inner geek test hit my office yesterday and everyone was finding out their score. All the cool people were pretty close to me (but I was the highest, bwahaahaahaa) and we started talking old D&D and dice. Then we decided that all of our decisions in the office should be decided with rolls. Do I need to proof this page or is it fine as it is? Roll a d20. Should I update this page? 2d6.
And cast a spell for “Go to lunch” (that is one I really need and we used about half an hour later).

The Dork Bell idea came from phoebek. I originaly had a link to the post describing it but since it was a restricted post, I got her permission to repost it. I really liked how she put it so, here is her description of the Dork Bell verbatum.

“Have you ever used a gaming term to describe your life (ie, “Hey, I just leveled up at work!” or “Oops, I botched English grammar and syntax… let me try to explain what the hell I meant.”) If you did, then at that moment a lovely chiming bell rang on your behalf (DING!), audible only to others of your ilk who knew what you were talking about. Humming the Star Wars theme in the shower. Footnoting your speech. Naming your house. Creating an Excel spreadsheet with your friends’ schedules. Designing yourself as a White Wolf vampire. There are as many ways to ring the dorkbell as ways to be a dork.

Remember, even if you have not done any of these things, lately, you are not immune. If you can hear it, you need not as whom the dork bell tolls. It tolls for thee. We’re all in this together; no dork gets out alive.”

{edited to remove link and replace with quoted comment.}