Monthly Archives: September 2002

Carpe Diem

I have Carped too many Diems this weekend. ( I love this saying)

Carpe Diem use to be a really important phrase to me and I felt that I needed to actively work on Seizing the Day. At the time, I didn’t think I had gotten much seizing done.
But lately, I have looked back over the times in my life I felt I should have done more seizing and realized that I have seized a lot. I see all the things I have missed but realistically, I doubt I could have handled much more.

I took some time off from this philosophy (I needed the down time to learn balance) and have started to ramp my life up again. I am taking advantage of many wonderful opportunities that seem to be spilling out of a cornucopia laying at my feet. This weekend, I had a date Friday, Saturday was spent at a birthday party/jam session, I had a guest Sat night, Sunday was a picnic with friends leading into Free Shakespeare in the Park followed by dinner and seeing Sprited Away (the new Miyazaki film). Tonight I am going to the Plough mostly to see people because I haven’t had much of a chance the last two Mondays. Grocery shopping is scheduled for Tuesday (I have no food!!!). This leaves me Wednesday to look forward to playing dead. Ahhh.

I am not as young as I used to be, and as Mertuil points out , this shows up in the price you pay when you Seize your day. Of course, I still want more. I like what I have going on and want to take advantage of ALL the opportunities that I find opening up for me. But, if you look at things with the POV of karma and everything happens for a reason, I figure this is the time in my life for me to learn to say no when what I want is YES! Ah limits. Bleck! :)

I would be all sad about this except I look at the things I get to say Yes to and I am all happy again. Yea!

And here I didn’t think I would have anything to say and be posting to my own journal all that much. HA

Scorpio Horoscope

Everyone else is doing it so I thought I would too. :P
Here is my Brezsny’s Scorpio horoscope.

Writing in the San Francisco Chronicle, music critic Joel Selvin panned the singing of Mariah Carey. Concerning her “relentless swoops, whoops and fluttering notes,” Selvin said, “no less an authority than Jerry Wexler, producer of Ray Charles and Aretha Franklin, calls it ‘over-souling.’” I bring this up, Scorpio, because you’re close to doing the equivalent of “over-souling” in your own life. Please step back from the brink. No matter how cool you are, no matter how skilled or smart or attuned, don’t beat people over the head with your magic and prowess.

Whaaaa. I don’t want to pull back and chill. Although it is probably a good idea considering what I am going through right now. But still don’t wanna.

Guess I will be doing a little more posting to my own journal than I thought. Still is a reaction to other journal entries.

The First

I just created my LJ account, mostly to post on friends journals, but I figure I should say something in case anyone ever hits this page.
As the people who know me can verify, I usually have much to say but I find I don’t have much to write. Probably because I respond to my audience and there is no defined audience here.

There may be more posts in the future. There may not. Time will tell.