Monthly Archives: February 2008

I would be a good idea for me to:
1) Eat lunch at a reasonable time.
2) Go home after work instead of sitting at the computer until I have to worry if bart will keep running.
3) Get up when I know I need to and go to work.
4) Make the PT appointment.
5) Work on the things I promised to people.
6) Answer emails.

I know what I need to do. I just refuse to do it. I need to grow up. I spend time hiding in the depression and there are areas where I just need to do what I know I need to do.

It is a mixed bag these days. I feel like things are rotten to the core but reasonably they are both good and bad.

On the positive side of things:
1) I managed to get 2 loads of jeans washed.
2) I have paid my bills.
3) I have fought with the viruses on my computer and have made headway.
4) I have managed to keep me fed in some manner.
5) I get to work every day, even if I am running late.
6) I actually get work done, work that people are impressed with.
7) I am getting damn good on Picross.
8) I am actually maintaining some contact with people, instead of disappearing completely.
9) I paid my car registration even though I did it late.
10) I have kept ahead of my TiVo.

It doesn’t go into my good for me section but I have a lot of things I have composed to put into LJ but they just don’t find their way into the computer. It would be nice if I did manage to get that done.

Transitions suck! Everything seems like too much or not enough. Bah!

Microsoft question

At work we had an odd request from a former employee about getting info out of the google index. I have a friend at google that was able to steer me through google help and explain google speak to me and this was invaluable. The webmaster and IT guy were in the loop on what was going on even though they really had nothing to do to fix it.

My office is having trouble with Microsoft Outlook and the mail servers. I have no idea what the problem in but something that is happening is old sent emails are being sent out again. In answer to a question of “how do I tell which emails of mine were sent out?” one of our IT guys responded with the following:

“So far I haven’t heard of a way to tell… Sorry…Maybe Gina has a friend at Microsoft… ?
Gina’s my new best friend!”

Since I do know people that work at/with Microsoft, I thought I would put this problem out there on the odd chance someone I know would be able to help with info. One of my strengths is knowing odd pieces of information and people that have odd pieces of other information. It would be cool if information related to this issue could be found and handed to the IT guy. I don’t expect this to work but it would be cool if it did.

Tattoo Art

I was walking along Market and I noticed a couple that had a cool design on their black hoodies. “Death before Decaf” with a dagger going through a cup. Beautiful work. I complemented them on their attire and found out they run a business that has tattoo art for greeting cards and shirts.

I figured I know a lot of people that would think this was cool and might even be interested. So I give to you

My favorite is Open Mind. Love the concept, the art not as much. For art, I like Death before Decaf, but I can only have decaf so not so much on the concept.

Feel free to pass it along to any one you know that might be interested or point them here. I love having people that like things find things they like.

Valentines fyi

I am not playing the valentine’s game this year. Just don’t have the energy to be bothered one way or the other. I have seen the post box meme go by and it reminded me of the awful valentines day stuff in elementary school so no one is getting anything from me. Not that I don’t love ya, just not playing this game this year.

Funny thing though. I might be meeting a guy from OKCupid tomorrow. He was out of town and that happens to be the day he has free.

Far as I am concerned, it is just another day in Feb and maybe I can get some cheap candy the day after. Sort of like Easter. :)