Monthly Archives: September 2011

signs of your age

Watered down prune juice and ice tea mix is rather tasty.
The show I look forward to watching is Inspector Lewis on PBS.
Sure signs of passing middle age?

I can’t think of what food I would never imagine I would eat but might like as an old person. I never cared for prune juice when I have tried it before. I figure a show like Matlock might be a sign of old age. Maybe no tv would be my sign. :)

surgery clinic

Back from the surgery clinic and having a “procedure” done. Not feeling all that great (pain does me in, imagine that).

I plug my computer in to check out what hydrocodone is like and find that my offsite job has yet another edit for me and is needing it immediately. They keep telling me it is done and they email me after I check my emails in the morning and not again for a day or so. It is magic how they managed to squeak in the longest time between email checkins that I have. I also have two other phone call message that are demanding my attention.

I wasn’t expecting to have anything done today and this other stuff is sort of out of the blue and I am out of good spoons to deal with them. I have to resort to reserve scratched and dented spoons in order to deal and it makes me pissy. I had a good chocolate high going before I opened my email. Now my head hurts some more. grrrr bark bark.

(BTW) I am trying to wean myself off facebook and do more over here. Having LJ log me off after one day and getting hit with the overriding ad does not help their case.)

Whom doeth thou make thy bloody pillow?

Fresne and I saw the final show of this season’s Shakespeare in the Park’s production of Cymboline. It was great. Steam punk costumes and focus (custom utilitkilt knock-offs were included), rain earlier to lift my spirits and clear out the day, overcast for most of the show making it a comfortable interlude to sit on a blanket in the middle of grass, sun showing up near the end to bake us and remind us how much we appreciate the cloudy day. It was not crowded, which surprised me, probably due to the rain. We stopped at Safeway for sandwiches and other picnic food to augment our supplies. Because I didn’t really know exactly where we were going and the main roads were crowded, our path was circuitous and scenic. An event and a day that makes you pleased to be part of the Bay Area.

The other quote we loved was, “Posthumus, where art thine head?”