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It’s Halloween, Are you in Costume?

This is the one day a year I can get away with wearing just about anything to work. In past years, there have been a few of us that take advantage of this. This year, this is only one other besides me. Overall, the random encounters with costume folk on the way to work is down as well. Sad.

Me, I am Greenwich, a Witch in Green and Black. I giggled when I figured it out. Not many others are. Hmmm.

Yesterday, someone asked me if I had figured out what costume I was going to do and I couldn’t stop laughing. I had already finished three and had three more to go. I have been sending out links to pictures so here is the current set. The only pictures not included are the ones being taken today, tomorrow and Sat.

Here is the link to a bunch of pictures of my and my friends, mostly costume type stuff (the ones on the right are from last weekend and the weekend of Oct 12th)

Pictures of last Sunday’s Victorian Cemetery Picnic

Pictures a friend has photoshopped

Current schedule:
Greenwich today at work
Poison Ivy for Friday Night Waltz and party at Casa de Lujan (friend’s party)
Mary Pop Tart for PEERS’ Bal des Vampyre (the danger twins are doing Tart versions of Red Riding Hood and Goldilocks)


I started this post as a reply to Mertuil and realized it should probably be an actual journal entry.

Mertuil included this quote in her post: Shaw defines dance as: “The vertical expression of a horizontal desire legalized by music.” Discussion and comments followed describing the sexual nature of dancing.

I think it might be going a little to far (just a little) to say dancing is to a level of a sexual experience. I think it qualifies as a sensual experience that some affect some people to the level of sexual. Sort of that a square is a rectangle but a rectangle is not a square thing.

I really like social dancing but I love dancing. I had to give up on social dancing in college because the entire meat market mentality of the places where I could go to dance. Thank God for the 80′s and New Wave. I discovered that I could dance by myself, with another or with an entire group. 5 nights a week I would go dancing (Friday and Sat were for the “normal” people and “normal” music). I enjoy how my body feels when I dance. It can move. It is confident. It is powerful. It is graceful and can flow. I am in it instead of my head.

After finding the social dancing here in California (Starry Plough, Gaskell’s, PEERS, Friday Night Waltz), I have been able to partake of the joy of being able to dance in tandem with another being. Sometimes this can go to the level of a sexual thrill if there is something between me and my partner. But almost every other time it is the joy of dance in a structure. Very sensual in that it engages the senses. I can feel my body, my weight, my partner’s body, weight, our momentum. All to the music.

And on that tangent: Truth be told, I don’t need the music. I read a cartoon once that made a joke about how a teenager can dance to anything including the garbage disposal. I have found this to be true for me as well. The music adds a wonderful layer but it is not required. Just the beat.

latest Update

I haven’t been keeping up on this like it looked like I would. Guess I am not as addicted as I thought. Then again maybe I just needed to catch up.

Latest new, I have had a really sore back for three days (slept on it wrong and woke up this way). I have been on Advil straight for the last two. Found out today that I was doing the wrong thing by putting heat on it and curling up. Funny, those were things that made it feel better. Sleeping on it wrong falls more in the injury category than the sore muscle category so it needed ice instead. I just made it worse. Which is why I went to the chiropractor. Thank whatever for her. I can recommend Chinabear Joseph in Oakland. I feel so much better and without the drugs. So of course I am going to mess it all up by going dancing Tomorrow. *gleeful grin*

It’s Dark out

Believe it or not, but I was up at 6am (no alarm clock for this one) and am ready to start on Storage.

I skipped out on Friday Night Waltz (the traffic and parking around it was really bad and not worth the stress) and worked on beading the bottle and hair beads. Before bed at 11, I twisted my hair with Ice Spiker. All in prep for tomorrow night.

Today is one last shoe, hair and face.

I am so prepared, I scare myself.

I wish I could do caffeine.

Carping Diems again

This weekend is another busy one.

On Friday, we have Friday Night Waltz East in Berkeley.

Saturday is the Witch’s Ball. I am making a Green Fairy Costume and it is probably the most labor intensive costume to date for me.

Sunday is Heart of the Forest Faire, maybe. I also need to move stuff from one storage unit to another and this might be the only day to do it.

Monday is dancing at the Starry Plough (sorry, no link here). A friend of mine is in town and I have take Tuesday off so that I can stay out late and play.

Every spare minute of the last week has been absorbed with creating this costume. I love doing this, really I do. Repeat 10 times an hour and pick up that sewing needle

I am still a Freak

Epiphany time

I always thought I was a control freak with the redeeming characteristic of trading control for information. If I know what is going on, I don’t have to be in control of the situation.

Last Friday, I figured out that I have had it backwards. I am an information freak. I need to know what is happening around me and what will happen. The way I feel safe and secure is if I can prepare for what is now and what is next. The best way to get this information is to be in control.

This is an interesting paradigm shift that doesn’t changes anything in how I live my life only in how I see it.