Monthly Archives: April 2003

Well, boys and girls this is it.
I am about to become unconnected to the internet for a week or so. This is where I find out how addicted I really am. I am trying to maintain the concept of R&R instead of running away and being unreachable. Unreachable sounds really good right now.

I am looking forward to a lot of Do Nothing time. I have a bunch of sewing projects and a few books. I have had everything packed since Saturday. I have plans and backup plans. I feel over prepared and not nearly prepared enough. I just made a reservation at a hostel in Vancouver and that is the last hole in my trip. Although now I need to find an alarm clock so I can make it to the train station by 5:30 am. Weee

Heading to the plough tonight to say hi and bye and pass of stuff to Sugar. I have gotten more done, spent more time with friends, and passed things onto others in the last week than is typical. This having a deadline seems to be doing me good. Now to reap the benefit and move into “No Deadline Space” tomorrow.

Big plans in the works

Well, I did it.

I have plunked money down for a real, honest to goodness, vacation. Haven’t done one of those since my parents were in charge.

Haven’t liked life all that much recently and I really need a vacation from work. Sitting at home for a week just isn’t going to cut it. Since I don’t like to travel, I am kinda in a bind. K pointed out to me that while I don’t travel well, if I have a room and that room moves, I should be fine. So I looked into it, it was somewhat cheap and now it is a done deal.

So…what am I doing?