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Work is moving

Well, we have an official date for the move at work. They are splitting us up and moving us to the Client Facing Floor where Image is Everything. (remember the complaint about the TV?) August 20th.

Well, that means I actually had the drive to actually update my resume. It is Word doc that seems to just open when you hit the link. I am still fighting with Acrobat to get a pdf of it. For those that are interested/willing, please take a look and tell me what you think. It is pretty much the basic for a replacement for this job. I will be creating it in different formats (I have a brochure I am working on) but the content is mostly done.

Weekly Scorpio horoscope

“Disabuse yourself of the notion that greatness is somehow inextricably linked with fame, power, wealth, or social stature,” writes one of my readers, Pyrrol Red. “Some of the greatest human beings have been mostly unknown.” This is an important point to keep in mind, Scorpio, as you seek to ascend higher. The essence of your beauty may never be fully appreciated by more than a few people; the gifts you have to offer are so subtle and complex that you might find it hard to encapsulate them in simple forms that gain wide popularity. I’m not saying you’ll never be famous, powerful, wealthy, or high-status. But even if you do win those perks, it will be because of decisions you make and actions you take that are free of all lust for them.

I have been working on a related idea about a pat on the back and a pat on the head.

When do something for someone, there are times when I need to be noticed and thanked to stroke my ego. I want to be appreciated. I want the credit. I want people to know I did good. (At work, it means that people will know that I can do something and I will get more assignments like what I did.) This leads to fame, power, wealth and status. I call that a pat on the back.

Then there are time I don’t need to be noticed, I just need to do good. But due to my insecurities, I do need confirmation that I did good so I will do that sort of thing again. It can be someone else besides the recipient to tell me that what I did was appropriate and right. Or the action being acknowledged without my name attached to it. I have no problem with it being secret and not getting credit. This is what I call a pat on the head.

I feel greatness is having a positive effect on the world around you. I don’t need the fame and glory. Lately, I have noticed that I think I prefer the pat on the head instead of the pat on the back. I feel that as I continue on my journey, I will continue to shift from pat on the backs to pat on the heads. And hopefully someday, I won’t need the pats on the head to know I did good.

A year milestone

I just sent off a 3 page letter/email stating some things I have been holding onto for almost a year. I have spent at least two months writing and editing this letter. I think I have done a great job of being clear, saying things that need to be said, and doing it in the least damaging way possible. I am hoping it will allow me to finally lay some things to rest, heal and get on with my life. This has affected me too much for much too long. I want over it already.

Don’t worry if you don’t know what I am talking about. This post is a milestone marker for me.

Trickster meme

Thanks to dkferret

I Am Not A
Well… you’re not exactly the trickster
type. Not that you don’t have a sense of humor, you’re just not the
instigator of the hijinks most of the time. Don’t feel bad – every
trickster needs a straight man, and you’re just the right one for the

PS: Everyone has that

Which Trickster Are
Take the Trickster Test at

Bwaaahaaaahaaa, I am not a Trickster type! I seem to collect them as friends but it is nice to know I don’t have the tendencies myself. Really, Honest, trust me on this….

OK, I am willing to help but I don’t start it…

Back from training

Well, I am back and plugged in electronically after being pretty much completely disconnected from my regular life for a week.

It was quite an experience, different than I thought it would be but of course it had to be. Very valuable and something I will be processing for some time to come. As hard as it was and as grateful I am to be back where I can relax, there is a lot of it I really miss. I know I can’t live in that space but part of me really wishes I could.

I am once again burbling with enneagram information. Since this is sooooo important to me, I try really hard not to push it on people (as everyone is wont to do with things that are important to them). If anyone is interested in the pool of information I have, you will probably have to ask me. I will be happy (even ecstatic) to share. If I am downloading information on you that you don’t want, please let me know because I am probably running away with myself without noticing.

For those that have a clue about the enneagram, we had 11 type 7s, the most of any one type the teachers ever had at one training (the next largest group was 10 type 2s and 10 type 4s). Last year there was just two type 7s, me and another guy. It was delightful, enlightening, scary to get to experience the energy from people like me. I found out that I am not atypical, but much more stereotypical of the type. The amount of depression and pain that all of us have was pretty amazing when normally people only see the bright happy bubbly side, even others of our same type.

Enneagram Training

I am going back to the mountain. I am going to be gone for about a week starting tomorrow. I should show up electronically (email/LJ/IM) either Thursday or Friday, depending on when I want to come into work again. I am repeating the enneagram training I did last year. The last time was such a shock that I feel there is so much more information I can get if I am not sitting there with my mouth hanging open gibbering like an idiot.

quantum change

Enneagram opportunities

I have two opportunities for people interested in the enneagram.

For those that feel 90+% sure they know what their type is, Russ and Hudson are doing a major research project comparing two standardize tests. If you want to volunteer, you can take the RHETI for free and another test they are trying to validate. (This is online).

For those that feel unsure about what type they are, Helen Palmer has a training session coming up. They need volunteers for the students to volunteer to practice their enneagram typing abilities. I did this once. I thought I was a 4 and they told me I was probably a 7 with a 6 wing. Turns out they were right. (This is in Menlo Park).

If anyone is interested in either of these, let me know and I will send you more information.