Monthly Archives: February 2012

I love my President

I am so very happy with my President. I was not that impressed with Obama when he was running and I could have been convinced to vote for McCain until Sarah Palin got added. In fact, Obama got my vote more as an anti-Palin vote than any belief I had in him. Now I am tickled pink to have him as my Prez. He has worked hard to follow through on his campaign promises. He has gotten so much done he as scared half the country so I don’t have a problem with him not getting everything. I am disgusted with the GOP and their entire focus to bring him down instead of working towards the betterment of the country. My attitude is whoever is best should run the country. If your party isn’t in power then you should show how you are better, not do everything to drag that other guy down. Rise from the shoulders of eagles rather than pulling people off of pedestals. I smile when I see pictures of him. Every now and then I get reminded that he is the first Black President and I am weirded out for a moment. To me he is a first President. The first one I feel is moving in a direction I approve of, the first one to make me proud to be an American, the first one that has made me interested in politics. He is first in so many things, being Black is very far down the list. I see me and my ideals when I look at him, so much so that it takes me a moment to realize that my skin color isn’t as dark as his.

I liked Clinton and was upset at how the GOP never stopped harping on him after the election. I know he lied but I feel he was put in a position that he never should have been put as an acting President and it makes sense that he lied. I am grateful to him for breaking the attitude about politicians needing to step down because of affairs. But I was never as pleased with him as I am with Obama.

The sad thing I find now is how hard it is to identify with and appreciate other people that don’t like him as president, that are part of the country that is scared or see him as a disgrace. I didn’t like Bush and was sad he was the president for 8 years. But I did respect him as the president of my country. I realized that he was doing the best he felt he could and that his ideas and mine weren’t the same and I was ok with that. (I will admit Chesney scared/scares me and I am so glad he is no longer in power). I get a strong feeling that those that don’t like Obama and don’t agree with the job he is doing don’t respect him as president. So when I run into someone who has a lot of attributes I like or I might disagree with but still admire their difference and then find out they don’t like Obama, it seems to stain everything about them. I know it shouldn’t but I am noticing it does. I try to forget about their political leanings so I can still enjoy the other bits of them. Politics is such an emotional issue that doesn’t seem to have viable ties to the emotions they manipulate.