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Smoke in leather

Looking for info.

Does anyone know how to get the smell of cigarette smoke out of leather? I bought a pair of shoes on ebay and they came from a heavy smoke filled place. They reek of smoke, the newspaper reeked of smoke. Ick. Gotta love living in a almost completely smoke free land, when you encounter smoke, it really hits you hard.

I love the shoes. I have left them outside for almost a week. I have sprayed them with Ferbreeze. I wouldn’t mind it so much if they smelled of clove cigarette smoke. Anyone care to smoke a clove and fill a bag full of shoes?

Free Will horoscope


Due to a special dispensation from the cosmic powers-that-be, you have been authorized to basically just sit around and do nothing this week. Are you ready to enjoy the pleasures of laziness and dissipation, Scorpio? Do you feel overdue for an extended phase of vegging out? You can do so without incurring even a pinch of karmic debt. APRIL FOOL! The truth is that you now have so much physical energy and emotional stamina that you can be three times as intense as you’ve ever been before. That’s a good thing, since the universe will be working you three times as hard as usual.

Oh jeeze, I was a little disturbed by the beginning half because that is what work is like and it is driving me buggy. I think that is a contributing factor to how exhausted I am. That weird wired backwards thing where if I sleep all day or just play on the computer, I am more wiped out than if I was being productive. I am sure everyone feels this way but it is not what we normally think of.

Then I hit the April Fools note. I don’t have the extra energy and emotional stamina, in fact, I have been pondering the lack of physical, mental and emotional stamina lately. I have been composing a post about that very thing in my head for days.

I do feel like the universe is about ready to dial it up and I don’t feel I am keeping up as is. Hopefully that extra dose of stamina will be showing up soon. I am doing what I can to facilitate it.

Mummy Madness abounds

The plan for those that wish to join us is to meet at the museum at 1pm for a tour. Some of us are meeting at the front of the museum at 11:30am and finding a place to do lunch. The attempt is to do an early tea with containers of hot water/tea, scones, cream, cucumber sandwiches, etc. What ever you want to eat.

My cell phone will be on and ready to be the coordinator. The number is in the next Friends only post. Get ahold of me if you need it and can’t read it.

How’s this for minimal planning?

Spiritual ponderings

Songcoyote wrote up a good post on the reality of gods/goddesses/spirituality. It seems to cover my attitude about the metaphysical and he does a better job writing it up than I would. To sum up: we are not dealing with something external, we are dealing with something deep inside ourselves that we project into the external so that we can work with it.

A number of months ago when I was really in the groove, it dawned on me that everything is here already, all we need to do is see it. I was thinking in the framework of Christianity (having a discussion in my head with a christian friend) and got a new perspective of “Heaven on Earth.” It is here already. God has given you everything you could want or need. You just need to know how to see it or how to find it or how to make use of it. And the more you work on your spiritual side, the more in tune you are, the better you can “see.”

A concept I am working on now is that all religion is about symbology. Every concept we have of gods/goddess/spirits/etc. is really a symbol for something else. How can we, as finite beings limited to the information we collect with our sense, even think we can understand or communicate with something infinite. We create symbols that we understand and work with them to get us closer to understanding that which lies beyond them. Where religions get into trouble is when they mistake the symbols/map for the territory they represent. Or believe that their symbols are better/more important than someone else’s.

Its a Small World

You know those times when you run into someone in a place where you don’t expect them. Or you and another friend both know someone else through completely different channels. We feel like it is a Small World and there are only so many real people in it.

I am testing a theory about this Small World. I ran across some pictures of a guy that looks like he might come from Faire or maybe a Scottish Highlands Games. Which means someone I know should know this person. I am wondering if anyone knows who is in these shots and where do you know him from? Isn’t curiosity fun?

Feel free to point people at this page because not everyone I am connected to reads my LJ.

Click for somewhat larger pictures.

the gina site

I have updated my site. Not much, just fixing up the graphics, cleaning out the 2004 things and linking it to the correct page of Gina Space for pictures.

Edit: 23:45
I have also uploaded a friend’s site that I did for her. If you like, check it out and tell me what you think.
Jewels by Olivia

Edit: 23:50
Ah flip, I might as well put the last one up too. Here is my site for my sample portfolio, or at least as much as I have done so far.