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This weeks horror-scope


The Big Texan Steak Ranch restaurant in Amarillo, TX has a standing offer to its customers: If you can eat its four and a half pound steak in an hour without getting sick, the meal is free. Oh, and you’ve also got to finish the side dishes — salad, shrimp cocktail, baked potato, and roll. Only about one in six brave souls succeeds at the test. Given your tribe’s current astrological omens, however, I think five out of six Scorpios could win the bet this week. Your appetite — not just for food, but for pleasure, wisdom, adventure, and self-transformation — is gargantuan.

a little emotional bleeding

late brezsny horoscope

From last wed:

In 1914, the science magazine Nature found that 30 percent of the world’s top scientists believed in God. In a second survey in 1934, the number dropped to 15 percent, and by 1998 it was seven percent. From these data, we can speculate that it’s getting harder for smart intellectuals to commune with the Divine Wow the way we smart mystics do. That’s a damn shame. Luckily for you, though, Scorpio, you’re now in an unusual phase in which there’s no contradiction between cultivating both rigorous critical thinking and an intimate relationship with the nine-tenths of reality that is hidden from our five senses.

In the past, this would have gone right past me with a “whatever” being my main comment. Because of where my life has gone in the last month and what seems to be keeping everything in the air, this actually makes sense. Scarily so. There is currently a strong connection between critical thinking and spirituality in this phase I am in. It disturbs me when these are so right.

Yet another connection cut

I was told I had an hour head start on releasing the news so I am being perverse and taking it.

I’m single again.

Head nod to angelbob for the idea of announcing it on LJ. I figure it is a way to update everyone’s connection charts in the easiest manner and lets me avoid telling every single person individually over and over that I broke up with someone. Besides, sending it out over LJ kinda makes it more real and the sooner I deal with that, the sooner I can get better.

I debated on whether I should disable commenting and decided that since I am using this as an announcement, I wan’t going to allow comments.

Sibley Labyrinth

Ever since I posted about going to the Sibley Volcanic Regional Preserve and walking the Labyrinth there, I have gotten many questions about it and labyrinths in general. So, I decided to make a web page.

Mostly I think this will be just a collection of information that I had a hard time finding on my own. The map is the only thing I haven’t been able to find anywhere else. Some sites seem to focus on the importance of searching and finding them on your own. I get the feeling I might be stepping on some toes by posting info. I say, “Phooey, don’t care.” I am not a hiker. I will go to places I know or have guides but not “in search of”. I don’t have that kind of energy. If you want the mystery of searching them out for yourselves, don’t click on the link. If you want an idea where to find it, that is what it is there for.


Here is the post I was avoiding till later when I had pictures.

There were positives and negatives this last weekend I went to costume College. This is a gathering of like minded individuals to share information and socialize. I learned a lot. Some of it was a waste of time.

All in all, it added up to a good experience. I am still debating whether it is an experience that is worth the money and energy spent. I do have a membership for next year but as they sell out every year, I figure I can sell it if I decide not to go.

I have had to separate this part of the trip so that it is treated fairly.

Now on to the rest, cut for bandwidth

OOO ouch

About an hour ago, I was on the phone wandering around my apartment and I thought, “hmmm I am warm, wonder why my shoulders feel like they are radiating?” Then I went past a mirror. I am a lobster.

This afternoon, when I wasn’t doing test, I was up the Sibley Volcanic Regional Preserve (National Park in Oakland hills) looking for a labyrinth. I spent about 3 hours wondering around and walking the labyrinth. I thought I had learned my lesson and I took water. I forgot about the sun. I usually only get small doses so I don’t typically do sunblock. And it takes hours before the red shows up. So around 8, I found out what I did to myself before 3pm. I think it is still getting redder. Weeeee.

I am really glad to find the labyrinth. That is my current research topic. I think I will be going to another one on Friday.