Monthly Archives: September 2003

Labyrinth stuff

I finally finished my page on the Labyrinth at Grace Cathedral. It has been more moving than the Sibley one and has taken longer. Guess enthusiasm doesn’t always mean speed. I am so impressed with Grace Cathedral’s policy of Religious Immunity, I made a page with it on there. It makes me feel safe going to a christian church. The basic idea is that anyone who is seeking is welcome and free from having the christian dogma pushed on them. I have found that to be true in my dealings with them.

The monthly harmony walk has been very meaningful to me that I plan to include them in my normal schedule. Having other people around seems to make a difference to me. Walking it on my own gives me peace. Walking it with others, especially strangers really does good work for me.

A note on the Sibley labyrinth, the last time I went up there after work, I got stuck there after dark. I had to work my way out on unfamiliar paths in the dark. The moon hadn’t even risen yet so I had starlight to work by. The fog had hit the parking lot by the time I got to my car. I think Sibley is going to be a weekend only event.

Plough entry

Last night was fun. Not the greatest of nights but fun. There were many people, a few from years gone past stopping in. Some regulars were missing and were missed. I managed to dance 4 (yes that is four) dances in a row before leaving. We flubbed the reel but we had fun doing it. Thank god the fourth dance was another waltz so I could rest a little. I even managed to keep my energy through haymakers. Normally I feel like dying half way through and then don’t do any of the footwork just to save energy. I am not sure because I was dancing not watching, but it felt like my feet has some serious distance between them and the floor many a time. Maybe even some of those high steps that the more advance dancers use. I was very bouncy. I think it was a combination of a flirty short skirt and actual dancing shoes. That and a very filling meal of Mac&Cheese and baked beans. Yum.

Speaking of which, oh dancers that read this. I am wearing some of those Capezio dance shoes that have a sole on the heel and on the ball of the shoe and are arched in the middle, you know the ones? I am finding that after I wear those, my feet get cramped up. When they start cramping, it is hard to get them to stop. Relaxing them allows them to cramp more. Stretching them works only as long as they are being stretched. I am the only one I have to rub them and for some reason, that doesn’t work so well (I would like to put out a call for foot-rubs but I doubt I could count on the response). Talking about it last night, an idea was presented that they have too much arch support for me. This would make sense since all of my other shoes have little to no arch support. Now the question: Should I keep wearing these dance shoes and will my feet adjust to having good arch support while dancing OR should I skip these shoes and wear my normal shoes because the arch support is just going to keep hurting me. I am not willing to consider putting arch support in all my other shoes. It may be a good idea, but it is just silly in application.

Homo-Sapiens eye for the Cro-Magnon guy

So, I have these swatches of moss for the walls of my cave, where do you live?
Uuuh, in a pit of my own excrement.
(yes technically, it is a spoiler but trust me, it will be funnier when Eddie does it so it doesn’t really spoil anything and might be funnier here once you have seen Eddie)

eeeeeee! Eddie Izzard!!!!
Saw the show last night and it was wonderful. We had bk2w,tshuma,jd5p,chrisfs as well as myself at the top of the theater. angelbob was there with someone I met for the first time so I don’t have her lj name (if she has one) and they were sitting in the mezzanine section. nosferkatu found me (yay!!). She came in from Las Vegas to see the show and got a ground floor seat. A friend R found me and I had no clue she was going to be there and she is the only non-lj person that I founds. The only one I missed was redhawke who I think was suppose to be there but I have never actually met so it is no surprise that didn’t happen. My ace in the hole to spot him was internet_addict and he was unable to make it.

nosferkatu had the inside scoop that Eddie comes out after every show to greet his fans. So after merchandise was bought, we clustered around the stage door awaiting the funny bloke himself. We got signatures and pictures. It was neat. I am such a geeky fan. :)

I am guessing that I might have to reevaluate my popularity scoring. I figure I am pretty popular but only a minor star. Last night, I am standing in one place and people are coming out of the woodwork and I am trying to keep everyone introduced. I know a lot of people. I guess it is one of the benefits of being tall and relatively unique looking, people can spot me and know it is me so they come to me. I love that. I am so oblivious that I would walk by friends and not have a clue if they didn’t say something.

All in all, it was a good night and I am happy I did it. I even got the pictures uploaded onto my site.

Lemmings Ho!

OK this is a little more than a quicky quiz. It is a thing called Emotional Intelligence or EQ. It is supposedly a measure of how well you can deal with life. Really smart people (IQ) that can’t make things work would have low EQ. People with low IQ that have been very successful have high EQ. That sort of thing.
I have no idea how well this correlates as it is pretty new to me. I would be interested in how people score and what range we cover.
Here is the test at It is a 70 question test.

my score