Monthly Archives: December 2008

Loscon 2008

I loved Loscon this year. I really enjoyed Line, Lift and Locust.
Line (self explanatory), Lift (elevators), Locust (tear down).

I spent the entire con either doing one of those three jobs, eating, sleeping or giggling with Molly when we should have been sleeping. Being with everyone was very good for me. Since I can’t do anything just because it is good for me, I am very grateful that those three jobs are ones I do very well and I did them very well.

Because of my broken foot recovery, it did hurt. Every day I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to walk the next day. And every morning I was amazed that I could and I was doing well. I bought new shoes (the super supportive construction and over $100 sneakers) before I went and WOW! I have been converted. These ridiculously overprices tennis shoes are worth every penny.

I like that it seems that at Loscon, I am the Leader of Line, Lift and Locust.