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No job love

It seems that people missed my last job post. Nothing is happening. The start date has been delayed and I haven’t heard when that might be. I get the sense that I am suppose to keep myself ready for it to be “any time” now.

That is bullshit! I hate being treated like I have else to do. And it is even worse when I don’t have anything else.

So I am back on the market. I am going to contact agencies tomorrow and tell them that I am not unavailable after all and see if they have anything for me. If nothing happens and this job shows up again, then fine I will go to it. If not, they will have to deal. I don’t think this is cutting my nose off to spite my face. Or at least I hope not.

Bah-Job stupidity

Didn’t start work today after all. Got a call right before I was to go into the shower saying that training has been delayed because they are still waiting for authorization from NY. The call came into the recruiter last night. Because she had no idea that were weren’t 100% go, she didn’t have anyone’s home number with her and had to wait until she got to work to call us. There was a possibility that we were going to start last Friday and it seemed it was moved to monday for our sake so it seemed very unlikely that there would be any issue with Monday. And I haven’t even heard if we will be starting tomorrow or Wednesday. I am guessing that there won’t be work tomorrow. On Wednesday, I am putting myself on the market for temp work again.

I do not have a lot of faith in the manager’s information management abilities. Leaving us in limbo for so long after the interview process, with the recruiter calling every single work day. Then the vagueness of when we are starting, and now this yank of the start time.

I just need to keep reminding myself that this is a temp assignment and I don’t have to stay if I don’t want to. This guy is already starting off in the red and it going to have to have a lot of things going for him and the job to get me to stay. But I will try to give him a chance. … and keep looking for real work.

Job – mostly good news

I start work on Monday. It is in downtown SF.

The bad news –
It is more of the same as what I have been doing (ppt work for a financial company) instead of a new direction that I wanted to go in.
It only gives me half an hour for lunch.
They want me in before 9am :(
My work space is an office with no windows with one other person.
They don’t do Kaiser, so I will either have to switch (it has been about 20 years that I have been with Kaiser) or do Kaiser on my own.
The manager is from New York.
It is in the Transbay America Building which means loads of security and a longer walk from bart and/or casual carpool.

The good news -
I will be working!!! Stability, motivation to get out of bed, hopefully and end to this weird depression I am in.
It is a three month temp to perm position so I have three months (really less) to find something I would rather do instead.
The rate of pay is a little more than what I was making before bonuses.
There is at least one other person in this room with me, I am not alone and shut away from everyone.
It is a new department and it sounds like those of us in it get to help define some things.
The New York manager thinks he is laid back for New York so there is some hope it won’t be too rigid.
It is in the City so I can do lunch with friends. There is a good chance I can get them to allow me to move my hours around a little so I can have an hour lunch.
It is in the City so I can bart/casual car pool and not some place like San Ramon where I was close to falling asleep on the commute (I was the only one in the car, this is a bad thing).

While it is a very good thing for me and I have been waiting for it to happen for almost a month now, I am not very excited about it. It is something I can do, and have been doing, but not something that pushes me to new skills. And if anyone remembers how much I am wired weirdly, I don’t like being shut in an office and surrounded by financial people in suits and ties.

Hmmm, maybe this place will let me dye my hair blue….
There may be a chance for downtime to work on my own stuff again…
We will see.


This is something that occurred to me. This is not something that is up for debate at this time. I am not even sure I am saying it right. But I wanted to mark it.

The path of spirituality is through yourself. It is not something you can put on like a priest puts on robes. No matter the tradition, the trappings do not make the spiritual path but support the journey you take within. It is from the inside out, not the other way around.

Weekend update

After a week of basically sleeping until late in the afternoon/early evening, I have a pretty full weekend.

Friday, I actually had a temp job start so I am off to the city for the day. I had lunch with Pumpkin. After work, I hoofed it over to the convention center for Wondercon. Alex J was giving a talk on getting into video game design and gave me his guest pass. I listened to his talk (he is a good public speaker) until it was suppose to be over (he has a hard time stopping talking and people still want to listen hours later). Fresne had showed up by that time and we headed to the big Firefly event. She headed to get us some food and I kept seats saved. Capricious_K and Winter_0 arrived from points south. We all watched the premiere of Done the Impossible The Fans’ Tale of Firefly & Serenity – A Documentary. (I will be ordering a copy, one for me and maybe one for my brother.) Afterwards we hung out at Mels and headed home. It was good to get a chance to talk with Alex J. We see him infrequently at best.

Saturday, I headed over to Miss_Mimsy’s for job finding assistance and to catch up. It has been way too long since we have updated each other. Then I headed over to sandpanther’s to play catch up and hang with her. We also did a Fry’s run to replace some bad memory I had and now my computer has 752 mg of ram and I can install Adobe Creative Suite (woot!). She kicked me out so she could sleep and I did try to get a hold of someone else in the south bay but he was unavailable so I was a good girl and headed home. I started the install and then let it go so I could head to bed.

Sunday, I considered heading to Second Sunday Brunch as I haven’t seen those people in too long, but I was just in that far part of the bay the day before and I didn’t want to do the drive again. I did head back to Wondercon in the afternoon. I hadn’t planned on going to Wondercon but once I was there on Friday, I got caught up in the feeling of being surrounded by fandom and I wanted to go back. This time, I got to dress more like myself and put some color in my hair. It was suppose to be blue on top of red but it ended up looking rather patriotic with the blond hair. I wandered the con and picked up the graphic novels I was planning on getting (including the pre-Serenity comics in trade paperback, I have so been waiting for that). The ex ran into me and I managed to handle myself ok and I think make the point that I would be civil at the moment but didn’t want to talk to him. I had thought of the fact that I might run into him on Friday but had completely forgotten it by Sunday so I was not prepared. I hate how the emotion takes over everything and so much was spoiled after that while I tried to flush the encounter out of my system. Over time, it will wear away and I am eagerly awaiting that time to pass. Arggg. I did get to see some friends that I see rarely and find out they moved.

I headed over to H&M afterwards because, hey I’m there and it is H&M. I am sure things are different even though I was there just two weeks before. And yup, things I had seen there before (and I picked up for a friend) were gone and other things that I must have had showed up. I managed to find a white slip like garment for under my white flapper dress for $15. I have been looking for one since Thanksgiving and this was about the best I had found so I grabbed it. I got a free umbrella as well. At this time, H&M is My Store.

When I got home, I had a lovely meal of leftover Spaghetti Factory while watching TiVo and installing Adobe CS2. Between 8 and 9 I tried to install some shelves in my bedroom but the cordless drill needed to be recharged. I figured that out after I got everything out and was in the middle of stuff. I was about ready to head to bed around 9pm when I decided to check things online since I was already connected. I got to chat with another friend that I haven’t really had any contact with since I left by old company and was online way to late. I finally got away from the computer at 1am (it was still downloading stuff for CS2, gotta love dial-up). And of course I was right near the end of my book so I stayed up til 2am finishing that off.

Today I am meeting a friend for lunch and I have an appointment after work. Tomorrow, I have my last day on this assignment and will meet up with a friend to finish her website finally. Wed, hopefully I will meet with dancingshaman to work on my portfolio website.

I keep wondering if I am going to fall flat on my face any time soon because of the lack of down time when I am so use to having it. Maybe it will happen Thursday if nothing gets set up. I actually think it is better for me to be moving like this than at the complete stop I was at before. Something in the mid range would be much better though.

Basic Enneagram class in Palo Alto

For those that are interested in the basics of the Enneagram and live more south than Berkeley, there is a basic enneagram class that meets on Wednesdays evenings from March 1 to May 3 in Palo Alto offered by the Foundation for Global Community.

I have taken a class with these people and think they are pretty good. I would be interested in this class if it wasn’t in Palo Alto on weeknights.

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Serenity…meet the Muppets

Having spent time at Wondercon and soaking in the browncoat goodness of fandom, I ran across something online and just had to share:

Someone posted links to DeviantArt:Seremuppety: Serenity comic with actual muppets.

Here are the links to each part.
Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:
Part 4:
Part 5:
Part 6:
Part 7:
Part 8: