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Another quickie

Just a quick post to say I had a wonderful birthday thanks to many wonderful people I call friends. Tonight is a night I can stay late at the Plough and sleep in tomorrow. Maybe I might be able to catch up on the sleep I have been missing the last few nights. :)

Tommorrow is the Trial of the DMV. My liscence is expired and tomorrow is a day off I can try to take care of it. And to think, I have been planning and pondering DMV stuff for about 4 months. Oct is a very full month.

K has scanned the last of the current set of pictures and they are here. Thank’s K. The picts come from the cameras of the Danger Twins.


Did I say this was going to be quick?

It is finally Over!

This is it. The end of the 2002 Halloween Season. The final count is 6 costumes for this year.

Green Fairy – Witch’s Ball
Goddess Hera – Gaskell’s
Angel – Victorian Picnic
Greenwich Mean Witch – Halloween Day at work
Poison Ivy – Party and Friday Night Waltz
Mary Pop Tart – Bal Des Vampyre

The Danger Twins managed 5 and 6, the 6 being a costume change on Halloween from Work to handing out candy outfits. Sugar was going to beat me but she and Spice opted out of the costume party on Friday.

We were killer at the Bal as Mary, Red, and Goldy (Mary Pop Tart, Red Riding Hood, and Goldilocks.) We even overheard someone talking about our other trio costumes as the three of us waltzed around the floor, yes all three of us waltzing together.

Now is the time for sleep to be followed by weeks of apartment recovery. And putting away new costume bits gathered at the After-Halloween sales. This is my big time of the year for shopping. Kinda of early birthday presents to myself. Well the bill will arrive around my birthday so it is right in time, right?

Here is the last link to pictures available at this time. More Victorian Cemetery Picnic picks. Pretty much the photo ops after eating.

As more picts go up on the web, more links will be posted.