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The Good and The Bad – An update

I haven’t posted much to LJ recently. I have lots of things in my head to post, just haven’t really had the motivation to get them into the computer.

Lately when people ask me how I am, I am at a bit of a loss for what answer to give them. Things are both really good and really bad. They average out to fine but there seems to be little that is in the middle. To mark this time, here is a list of some of the Good and the Bad in my life in no particular order. I know I am in a depression and it will end. I also know I am not completely in a depression. I can enjoy myself. Which is unusual for my depressions.

The Good

SiliCon 2006 report

As a convention I was going to attend and not work, this didn’t turn out as well as I hoped. The convention itself seemed great. A nice little con with all of the little quirks cons from my youth had.

The problem was me. I got pretty sick on Friday night. Was feeling rather fragile most of Saturday and really didn’t exist on Sunday. I was doing ok Sat night which was a good thing. I brought 5 costumes to wear and managed to wear the only non-comic book one Sat night.

Sadly, my right knee is a little wonky and I have various aches and pains from the weekend. And I didn’t have the level of fun that these pains would signify. *pout*

It was nice to be able to hang and talk with people I know. I got to meet a few new people before I faded. I am a tad concerned that even taking care of myself, I wasn’t able to participate. I am use to this when I don’t take care of myself, but it isn’t fair when I do everything to take care of myself and I don’t have a cold or some other outside force working on me. I am beginning to understand the stereotypical issues with getting older.

I am looking forward to Silicon for next year. No idea if I will work it or just play.

Handling the heat well for 2006

September is over and I had no heat issues. Yay!
August is over and I had no heat issues because I pretended it was September and behaved. Yay!
I even made it to Sacto for an Evangeline’s Costume Mansion run and was not miserable. Still have to make it to Faire but that is more of an issue of distance than heat this year.

I bought an air conditioner two years ago and haven’t used it yet. But by having it, I have been able to deal with the heat much better. I don’t worry about the heat because I know if it ever gets too bad for me, I have something I can do. I can’t believe how much is solved by such a little thing like that.