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I have been tagged by rimblemethis and quite possibly dkferret.

The rules that say I must write 5 of my own personal idiosyncrasies and then tag 5 people from my friends list to do the same in their journal and continue to spread the love. I am not tagging anyone because I have no idea what has been happening in LJ land besides quick peeks.

At first, I couldnt think of any. I know I have some, I am just so used to them and accept them, that I don’t see them as idiosyncrasies. Then I started thinking about them and came up with some big ones.

Here are my five:
I need information. A lot of information. I drive people nuts with the amount of information I desire. Part of this is because I am decisive. I figure out the many ways something could go, what decisions would be good for each of those ways and the branches off those paths. Sometimes I think I plan 5 levels deep. I am good on the spot not because I work intuitively, but because I have already run the scenario in my head and have a good idea what to do next. This requires I have a lot of information. I feel safe and comfortable when I know what is going on and what people are thinking around me. This also leads appreciating people telling me the honest truth instead of polite mis-truths. I react differently than most to being told negative things. Sometimes I feel warm and loved when someone snaps at me because they know I want that info and trust me to understand.

Gina Logic. This was a term coined in college. I sometimes have a way of looking at things that don’t follow paths that make sense to other people. I will explain something and people will get so lost but it all works out. I would try to detail out my understanding of a concept to a professor in class and his eyes would get foggy and he would say, “yes, I suppose you could put it like that if you wanted to,” because the path was very convoluted and included things not normally associated with the topic. But it made so much sense to me that way and tied together a lot of ideas. Sometimes I feel I have a Rube Goldberg approach to ideas in my head. I think the coherency of item #1 shows how I go all over for a simple idea.

I have a very large reaction to Sugar. I go way up and way down. I need to avoid Sugar, Caffeine, Alcohol and Hot Spicy things. I am very sensitive to these items and they affect me in the extreme. I can be fun on Sugar, or I can be a major pain in the butt depending on your point of view. It is never pretty to see me afterwards. This sensitivity means I should eat small meals frequently. I find that the first thing I need to do in the morning is eat breakfast. Any energy I use before that event gets taken out 3-fold of my daily energy allotment. Sometimes I have to crawl to the kitchen for food if I have used up a lot of energy before sleeping.

I like simple foods. I find that gourmet foods don’t really taste good to me. I like the Hot Dish (things like Green Bean Casserole). I like mayonnaise on my hot dogs. I like baloney sandwiches. I go through a lot of effort to get the 5lbs of industrial yellow cheese slices (the ones from dorm food) and freeze them for future use. I like spam. I enjoyed dorm food and would love a reasonably sized recipe for sunrise casserole. My favorite fast food is a McDonalds cheeseburger and fries. If I could eat sugar, Ding Dongs and Ho Hos would be on my list of snacks. I like spam (fried with lettuce and miracle whip on white bread).

I dont do well in the heat. It isnt that I get uncomfortable. I wilt at 75 degrees. I get irritable and cranky. I start feeling sick and not moving around 85 degrees. I am done at 95 degrees. I get cold under 65 degrees but there are things I can do about that. I panic about the heat because it takes so much out of me and I cease being able to function.

I am sure there are more but those are the big ones I can think of at this time. For those that notice the difference in writing styles from some of my other stuff, this is how I normally write when I haven’t thought through something over and over and over.


What is it about the speed my life is going at right now? If I were to describe it, I would say I am caught in a whirlwind.

I have a job. At least through Aug 31st. On Friday I interviewed to spend some hours tutoring people in a consulting firm on PowerPoint to increase their abilities. This morning, I get a call to reschedule for Wed because of one of them being out due to her child having the flu. Half an hour later, she calls back and suggests I come in anyway to meet with the head of the company since he was out on Friday. He hires me on the spot for a job that is stretching my abilities. We have set up a probationary period to see if this combination works out to be reevaluated as we approach the end of Aug. More money than my previous job and something more tailored for my skill set. And it is in Berkeley, 2.5 miles away from my house. Wow!

So, I went from having nothing to do for three days and leaving at O’dark thirty on Thursday for ComicCon to working full time plus (there is a deliverable Wed night) and having little time to get ready for the Con. In some ways, this is good. In others, I am close to stressing out. But I don’t have time to stress out. :)

The job so far is pulling out information from a pile of documents and formating it into a spectacular presentation form. PPT and Book formats. He wants someone that can work quickly and do a great number of things. This is probably a growth opportunity for me. Something very different from my stable, underutilized job from the last five years.

I asked the universe for a job. I asked for something to do. I would just like a bit more of an on ramp instead of being thrown in full speed.

I am also dating someone special.

I seem to go from too much time to no time. Life is so rough. [/sarcasm]

Life am good, I am just a bit scared of it and how I am going to manage it.


A general update.

Things are going very well for me. I am still looking for a job with no leads but that is the only downside. I could really use structure.

My health has greatly improved. I am getting plenty (if not too much) sleep. I am getting to see friends I haven’t seen in a long time and making new friends that look like they will be important to me. I am even dating someone special.

Now if I could just get around to cleaning my place up and finding a job. :)

I am not in front of a computer all the time any more so don’t count on me reading anything in LiveJournal. My ability to keep up with it is getting more and more sporadic. I even have a hard time hitting my email on a daily basis. I am more busy living my life than viewing it electronically.