Monthly Archives: February 2003

Ms. Drunk on Life


Arunothai Sriaran is Thailand’s new “Miss Drunk.” She won the title in a contest after gulping down too much wine and navigating her way through an obstacle course while wearing a heavy silk dress and golden headgear. In the insouciant spirit of this wicked fun, and in accordance with your current astrological omens, I hereby name you “Ms. (or Mr.) Drunk-on-Life.” Your carefree and mischievously benevolent reign will last for either three weeks or until you stop learning new tricks about the art of being intelligently wild, whichever comes last.

I use to think I was Ms. Drunk-on-Life back in college. I would love to be that way again. I also want it to last longer than three weeks so I guess I will need help learning new intelligently wild tricks. My friends should be able to assist me with that, right?

Any volunteers?

The taste of me.

Brezsny’s advice for this week for me is:

You know what you remind me of lately, Scorpio? You’re like gourmet sea salt that has been hand-harvested on a warm, breezy afternoon in late summer from a pristine marsh in Brittany. You are, in other words, raw and elegant; you’re primal and pure; you’re a basic necessity but exquisitely unique. I trust that you will share your funky sublimity only with those who treat you as both a valuable spice and an essential condiment.

I like this. Reminds me of what my nickname seems to be developing into for when I hang around Sugar and Spice. I think we decided that I get to be Chemical X. So that could be ChemX or maybe FemmeX?

Driver’s License

It is finally here!!!! It arrived in the mail last night. Back in November, I went to get my new driver’s license. I waited patiently for 6 weeks for it to show up. I have had a number of fights with the DMV when it didn’t. They wanted me to do it all over again. Go in in person, fill out paperwork, have them send it again. Silly people, I did that once already and it didn’t work the first time. Why would it work if we do it again. This is not a computer that you can just fix things by rebooting. “I’m sorry, that is what you have to do.” In theory, I could have it sent to another address (my work address gets things to me)but I was never comfortable that they wouldn’t just change the address on my license. I don’t want my BGI address on something that will last 5 years.

So I chose to ignore it. Hide my head in the sand. Dealing with it made me so angry, I couldn’t function at work. No more dealing with it during business hours. No more dealing with it ever. Then I get an email from my mom. My Driver’s License is in Bali. Yes, Indonesia. Other side of the World.

Turns out that the Post Office has decided that my mother’s (Wanda Lee)forward order from a year ago should be used on this piece of mail to Palmer, Gina Lee. Thank you Post Office (Argggg). The mail was sent to Colorado. The woman my mother had collecting her mail in Colorado has instructions to send anything with my name on it to me. We wonder if this woman ever had more than two brain cells because it was sent onward to my mom in Bali. She then sent it to me.

For those that are trying to count, the total wait: 13 weeks.
But it is here now and We are happy. The picture came out pretty well.

More Pictures

I did more. Spicy sent me the pictures she took at the PEERS Dangerous Beauty Ball so now they are on the site. I will add mine if-when I get the film developed.

There were a lot of others taking pictures (mostly men, hmmm wonder why) but I haven’t heard anything about those shots.

If you want to check them out, here they are.


Yesterday, I got an invite in the mail for the 25th Birthday Party for the Children’s Place Program on Feb22 in Redwood City. Real mail, full postage, nice paper with balloons printed on it, my name handwritten on the envelope. Looks like a charity but not a fund raiser.

Does anyone know why I got this? It is like getting a call from some who seems to know you but you can’t place. I don’t donate to charities because I don’t want to be on their mailing list and I can’t figure where this one came from.