Monthly Archives: July 2003

She’s off again

Well, I am leaving town and am going to be out of touch again. I am off to Costume College. I have been planning on going to this event since a few months prior to last years event. The timing between this and the Enneagram Workshop is making things tight. As soon as I get back, I have a couple of doctors appointments so I don’t even go back to work right away. And then there is Gaskells. Weeeee, I’m a 7 really. I would believe it more if I enjoyed everything at this speed. I must be a 7, no one else but one would actually set this up like this even if they weren’t looking forward to it.

See ya, everyone.

Where’s Waldo

I am signing off for about week. It is off to enneagram land for a week long seminar. I think I will be busy and out of internet connection for the whole time.

Afterwards, I will have the keys to the Universe!! Bwaahaaahaaa.
(ok, honestly? I probably will be really confused but will have a lot of information)

In a way, I see this as being a better vacation than the cruise. We’ll see how it turns out. Wish me luck.

I like my doctor

I think I will keep the current doctor. While I may end up normal, at least he doesn’t treat me as if I am normal by default. He sent my test results to me with an explanation of what each test was for. Yes, it is a form letter thing but he put the effort to do it and put a little note on it. I appreciate that.
For those that are interested, I have added the purpose of each test to the lj entry with my test scores (I can’t seem to call them results, they are scores like every other test I take).

I was denied the hormone tests (the other dr said that hormones are usually all over the place so the results wouldn’t really have any meaning). Didn’t like her. Bad dr, no cookie. I am sure she is a adequate doctor but she treated me like of course I fit into the statistics. I may fit but I don’t like to be treated like I absolute do fit. Lets find out if I do fit. Something is different about me. I would like to find out what it is.

I have a hearing test and an MRI scheduled in the beginning of Aug. That should be it for this round. I am sure I will pass these test with flying colors but at least I can cross them off the list.

My dizzies and tinnitus seem to have retreated. Hopefully they will stay that way.