Monthly Archives: September 2006

Concert fun

I went with capricious_k to see Jason Aldean at the Rodeo Club in San Jose last night. It was a grand time.

I spend some quality time with capricious_k (it has been way too long since that happened).
We had a good dinner at Sonoma Chicken Coop.
We had a nice walk to the club (fresne would be so proud of me, it was over a mile and I didn’t slow down or die).
The music was good. (I really like Hicktown, deal).
The people watching was entertaining (capricious_k called it when she guessed this guy in overalls had a John Deere tattoo on the other shoulder, the Superman logo was on the side we could see).
I saw a good looking, delightfully tall guy.
I managed to actually make eye contact with this guy and talk to him without making an ass of myself.
I had a 14 year old moment immediately afterwards where I sqeeed (yes, live, not in text) over briefly meeting this guy (he is 6’7″ and built like Trace Atkins, how could I not be interested). (No, I didn’t get his number but I did figure out that I would have given him mine if he asked. That is a new one for me).
Once I figured out that nobody at the club knew me and probably would never see me again, I started having a lot of fun by no longer worrying about how I presented myself and began being the goof I like to be.
Capricious_k and I walked back to the cars through fields, parking lots, streets, construction sites, train tracks and fences. (I have never walked across a train bridge on the tracks, especially in the dark. It was fun and a little scary.)
I managed to still have energy and be bouncy when capricious_k was worn out. That is an accomplishment in my book. (again with the fresne would be proud of me.)
I managed to drive home while talking to two friends I don’t get much of a chance to talk to because of our schedules being different.

I was able to get up this morning. Work needed me to come in earlier than the noon I had been dragging myself in at. I felt like crap but I was able to do it.

Mid-week concerts in far away places are harder to bounce back from but I did enjoy last night. Hard to say if it was worth it but I am glad I did it.

Deal is Done – work

I signed the offer letter today. I am now a Real Employee with MMG (Money Management Group). The deal is almost as good if not better than BGI. It has been a long year and a half. I am glad I landed and I am glad I landed here.

Something funny…the guy across the hall from me, the CFO, keeps sticking his head into the room and telling me and my co-worker (Behrooz) that we are too quiet. He doesn’t hear a peep out of us. Imagine that, I am being told I am too quiet. Bwaaa haaa haaaa.

Things have the potential to be good to really great here. I get to help people and I get to make things. Both things I love.

Another day in living in Infamy

Something truly wonderful happened after the attacks 5 years ago. Everybody came together and supported each other. The feeling in the nation and a good part of the world was Grand. It was something that should be encouraged.

Instead, fear and terror won out. The supportive feeling of unity dissipated in the months that followed the attacks. We have done a lot to support what the terrorists wanted. I have worked to avoid the remembrances about 911 because I feel they support the negatives from 5 years ago.

Theferrett pointed the way to this post. It is about doing something tangible to make the world better.

This is what I want to remember from 5 years ago. This is what I want to support. Whatever the powers that be have done and will do, whether you think what is going on is good or bad, doing something to better the world and
in it is a worthy cause.

Mug shot

spotted on abditus‘s journal

A flash Realistic Face Sketch system.

It didn’t really have hair that would work for me so I did a few shots. One with a hair cut I might be getting (really short) and two with hair I have had in the past. I had to fill in for my skinny neck and make my head thinner.

I don’t think I did that well but I don’t know what would need to be tweeked. And of course I did this from memory from when I use to stare at my face for drawing class.

behind cut to save your bandwidth, aren’t I sweet?