The Triplets of Belleville

It has been highly recommended for me to see Triplets of Belleville. I have a free afternoon/evening Sat Feb 14 and expect many people to be busy that night, it being a holiday and all. I am thinking of catching the 5:30pm showing at Emerybay 10. Anyone interested in going to see a movie?

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  1. I so want to see that (saw the preview a couple of months ago) but I cannot seem to convince Chad to go with me (he also saw the preview, but seems to think it would be too trippy). It reminds me of something that would show at the art house theater I went to as a kid all the time (and seems to have been a big influence on my movie tastes). Seeing as it is on Valentines evening, and all that, I probably should not make plans to go see a movie my sweetie does not want to see. Oh well, maybe I can talk someone else to go with me some other time. Let us know what you think (without spoilers) and maybe I can talk him into it.

    1. It was wonderful. The music is great. It does get long and slow in spots. It felt like you were watching an animated short in an art house. Things happened and you didn’t know why but figured sometime later in the movie it would make sense…or not. The last part of the movie was a great deal of fun, lots of action. And the triplets themselves…those old broads have it going on. It would be ok on the small screen but I recommend the large screen. It did take a little bit to get into the strange style but once in, everything was cool. Weird but cool.

  2. I’m kiddo-ed that day and will amuse that it is not really that sorta flick. What is it about?
    He and I and Shelby are doing sushi that evening but so far those are our only plans. The Bear was acting all down-ish and stuff ’cause his dad was making extra sure that the Bear would be with me and not him – so the dad can do “romantic things” with his sweetie. The Bear asked me if I didn’t want him to go away to and I told him straight off, “I want to spend with the people I love” and hugged him tight.

    1. It is animation so it might be a Bear movie, although it is not a for-kids-like-disney movie. As for what it is about, don’t know. I was told I need to see it and it is up for an award against Finding Nemo. All I can do is point you to the same sources you can check on-line for reviews about the movie. I would love for you and the family to join in before sushi if you would like to.

      1. WWWWwwwwweeeeeeee

        I just watched the clip online and it looks very spiffy! The music was gleeful and toe-tapping. I will show it to Shelby and the Bear and see if we can make it a go.

          1. Hard to say. He did OK with Princess Mononoke, though this one has a lot less action, so he may get bored/fidgety.

            However, I am a) not a parent, and b) not all too in touch with Jordan these days, Maturity-wise. He might like it just fine.

          2. I finally got around to watching the trailer and it looks warped. Considering who told me about it, that would make sense. I adore the music (I keep playing the trailer over and over to just listen to it).

            As for too dark for Bear? It looks more adult oriented than child oriented. Someone at work doesn’t think it is too dark but might be a bit boring. I am thinking that it shouldn’t be too dark for a child of yours but I lack any experience validate this idea.

            If it helps, I have been told there is no real dialog which might make it hard for a kid to follow.

  3. Triplets

    Kevin and I will be out of town, otherwise we’d love to join you.

    Saw this last week, but wouldn’t mind seeing it again. Wonderful film. I’m not a big fan of dogs in general, but the dog in the movie is utterly delightful! I’m just glad our cats don’t Meow every time a BART train goes by. (this will make sense once you’ve seen the film)


    - D

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