Re-Evaluation time

OK People, I am concerned. The link to the Once More with Hobbits has been posted for over 5 hours and there has not been one comment on it at all. I know that most of my friends that I would expect would really enjoy this read my journal regularly. I did send it via email to others who I wasn’t sure would get it via LJ.

I have gotten no emails and no comments. This could mean a couple of things.
Either my friends have been too busy to read LJ and follow the link.
That I am under the mistaken impression that my LJ is actually read frequently and it’s not.
That nobody thought it was funny enough to deserve commenting on.

Considering a woman at work and I have been interrupting each other all day to laugh about the lyrics and we have pulled out the Buffy soundtrack to read the lyrics with to get an idea of how well they fit and have disturbed the entire office with peals of giggles coming from our desks at random moments, I am a little worried about the lack of response from my so-called friends. I was sure at least some of you would get as much of a kick out of this as I do (the ones that I *know* will enjoy this, I am giving the benefit of the doubt to and assuming that they haven’t had a chance to check LJ or check out the link yet).

If my assumptions about my friends are wrong in this instance, how wrong are they in other areas. Hmmmm, I may have to re-assess my friendships at this time.

Consider yourselves warned!!!

12 thoughts on “Re-Evaluation time

  1. Heh…how about assumption #5: already seen the link several weeks ago in another LJ, and didn’t think posting to say just that was worthy of posting at all. =)

    1. ditto. No one likes to post something cool only to have their friends go “oh, pshaw. You didn’t see that way back when the rest of us were giggling about it? that’s so old hat!”

  2. I’m in the ‘C’ category. Don’t like musicals, don’t like the Buffy musical, didn’t go beyond the splash page. So yes I read your journal, but no I had no reason to comment as I had nothing to contribute.

  3. I saw it a long time ago. It’s brilliant. :-) I didn’t want to distract myself by looking at it again, since it tends to make me roll on the floor laughing.

  4. Buffy & Hobbits

    Don’t know beans about Buffy. Couldn’t play the audio @ work, but read some of the lyrics. I guess it’s funny if you know Buffy.


    - D

  5. Sorry sweetie, I just don’t have much time at all for non-work stuff on weekdays.

    That said, I do read your journal and clicked the link. Much as I love Buffy, LOTR lyrics to Buffy songs didn’t really grab me.

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