Monthly Archives: February 2004


I got a new car *bouncy bouncy bouncy*
I picked it up Friday before disappearing for the weekend. Currently it has something like 61 miles on it.

When I drove it home, I kept banging my head on the steering wheel saying “I can’t believe I got an automatic.” I have locked myself into an automatic for the next 10 years. I am sure it will be fine once I get use to it but for the next couple of weeks or so, my pride will be learning to live a different way.

There other freaky thing is the lack of lights directly in front of me. I am use to being able to see the turn signals and windshield wipers levers at night but now I can’t. Serenity has a center display and the speedometer is to the right and above the steering wheel. I got use to that fine but the lack of any light from directly in front of me keeps making me think I didn’t turn my headlights on until the brain can reboot and process where the lights are.

She’s a beauty and she fits. In moving my old car, I realized that the rear view mirror is at eye level. In Serenity, it is actually above my eyes. Ahhhh Joy.

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Da Vinci Code

Does anyone have a copy of the Da Vinci Code that I could borrow to read? It has been highly recommended that I read this and I would like to have it done by Feb 13th.

I am also looking for Soul’s Code: In Search of Character and Calling by James Hillman but am not really that much in a hurry for this one.
Also on my list to see if I can read is A. H. Almaas and Sandra Maitri.